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About Peter Eckersley

I do research and policy work on AI ethics, safety, cybersecurity, privacy and other topics.

My AI research projects have included: SafeLife, a benchmark environment for reinforcement learning safety; studying the need and role for uncertainty in ethical objectives of powerful optimising systems; measuring progress in the AI/ML field as a whole, and setting sound policies around high-stakes machine learning applications such as recidivism prediction, self-driving vehiclescybersecurity, and military uses of AI.

I've also cofounded or [co]-created many privacy and cybersecurity projects, including Let's Encrypt, Certbot, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, Panopticlick.

I spent the first half of 2020 convening the group, advising many groups working on privacy-preserving digital contact tracing and exposure notification, assisting with several strategy plans for COVID mitigation.

Previously, I served as the first Director of Research at the Partnership on AI and for many years as Tech Projects Director and Chief Computer Scientist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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